The Tea Party might have a quasi-mainstream official platform, but it also seems to be a magnet for far right loonies, angry racists, borderline psychotics and those that are simply grossly misinformed.

In Europe?

Hey World what’s up?

All my usual orders are printed in the US, but my fulfillment company also has a print center in Germany. By going through the German print center we can offer faster shipping to most of Europe and expand our reach to several countries the US plant doesn’t ship to (full list of shipping options below).

The bad news:

  • It’s often significantly cheaper to order from the US side (if you are willing to wait for the longer shipping time). I blame the exchange rate, VAT and evil wizards.
  • The two systems aren’t seamlessly linked. We can’t just forward our regular orders over there directly, you’ll need to place your order through this special flash designer, and the design selection may not be 100% synchronized between the two sides.
  • Unfortunately since it is a different system most of my coupon codes won’t work here.

But never fear, nothing is stopping you from ordering per usual from the main US site.

Shipping Costs