The Tea Party might have a quasi-mainstream official platform, but it also seems to be a magnet for far right loonies, angry racists, borderline psychotics and those that are simply grossly misinformed.

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Plot Printing and You

So, here’s the deal, I use Plot Printing printing on all my shirts. What is plot printing you ask? Well, plot printing takes a thin layer of polyurethane color material then precisely cuts it out with a crazy vector driven cutting machine. Then we heat press the color material until it fuses to the fabric of your soon-to-be tee shirt. Why do I use it? Well there are a few good reasons:
+ Plot prints don’t fade with washing
+ Plot prints are soft and comfortable
+ Plot prints are available in a variety of specialty surfaces
+ Plot prints simply last a long ass time compared to silkscreens

The handy dandy Spreadshirt color chart There are two basic types of plot printing: Flock and Flex.
What is Flock Print Type?
A polyurethane backed material that has a raised fuzzy, almost felt-like, texture. It is heat pressed until permanently fused to the material of the garments and will last through many washes.
What is Flex Print Type?
A polyurethane material that has a smooth finish. It is heat pressed at over 350 degrees until the material permanently adheres to the fibers of the garment. It is available in dozens of colors that include such specialty surfaces as metallic, neon, glitter, glow-in-the-dark and writables.
So wait, I don’t see any of these cool specialty surfaces in the shop, what’s the deal?
Quite observant my friend, you are correct I don’t use any of the specialty stuff on my ‘default’ shirts (after all wouldn’t that only server to make them less special? But you can go hog wild with them in the customizer. After all that’s what it’s there for!